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Thana Alexa Project

Vox & Vibes Project

Thana Alexa - vocals
Christos Rafalides - vibraphone

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Thana Alexa with MusicTalks

"MusicTalks brings jazz and classical music to intimate and informal settings to make both genres more approachable and inviting to audiences. Performed by the finest young artists, MusicTalks breaks down the barriers between musicians and audience by taking advantage of the intimacy that chamber music provides. With engaging and interactive conversation, the listener is given an experience that truly makes Music Talk."

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Antonio Sanchez & Migration

Thana is an active member of Antonio Sanchez’s touring ensemble “Migration” (Seamus Blake, John Escreet, Matt Brewer) and has recorded two critically acclaimed albums with the group (“New Life” and “The Meridian Suite”). The band has toured extensively in the US, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, South America, Europe and Asia.

John Escreet - piano
Seamus Blake - tenor saxophone/ ewi
Matt Brewer - bass (Orlando LeFleming in picture)
Thana Alexa - voice
Antonio Sanchez - drums

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Gene Ess’s & Fractal Attraction

Thana is also an active member of Gene Ess's band Fractal Attraction and has recorded 3 albums with the group; Absurdist Theater (Manuel Valera, Yasushi Nakamura, Clarence Penn), Eternal Monomyth (John Escreet, Thomson Kneeland and Clarence Penn) and Fractal Attraction (David Berkman, Thomson Kneeland, Gene Jackson). Both Eternal Monomyth and Fractal Attraction - for which Alexa contributed vocals, compositions and lyrics - won the SESAC Jazz Award in 2015 and 2016.

Gene Ess - guitar
John Escreet - piano
Thomson Kneeland - bass
Clarence Penn - drums

upcoming gigs

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