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'Ode To Heroes' is an impressive collection of ambitious music beautifully pulled together by the powerful vocals of Thana Alexa that gives it all continuity. Alexa's music is challenging, but her use of the musicians and her voice makes everything sound natural and easy. - Pat Metheny

"Thana Alexa … has a beautiful voice and is a great composer and bandleader… She's a musician first and a vocalist second” - Joe Locke

"Such a personal and strong approach to singing, arranging and composing... That's what we need; that's what jazz needs" - Luciana Souza

"Alexa's soaring vocals are spot on and a brilliant addition to the ensemble cast (for Antonio Sanchez's album "New Life”)” - Critical Jazz

"The album's title track features guest Thana Alexa's wordless vocals pulling off some formation flying with the band in a performance that's both unique and beautiful” - Brian Robbins www.jambands.com

The centerpiece title track features the excellent vocals of up-and-coming vocalist Thana Alexa whose spot-on intonation allows her a perfect blend with the horns for a unique ensemble sound (on Antonio Sanchez's album "New Life”) - Pat Metheny

"Alexa is a vocal talent whose musical stock is an arrow pointed straight up!” - Critical Jazz

"Alexa's own composition (on Gene Ess's ‘Fractal Attraction') turns her loose on some frenetic improvisations spurred on by (Gene) Jackson's drums ...” -BebobSpokenHere.blogpost.com

"This is as unique a combination of sounds as you're likely to encounter… Alexa's vocals treat the voice as an instrument and her presence enhances not only the mood but also the diversity" (for Gene Ess' album "Fractal Attraction") - Grady Harp on Amazon.com

"Thana's life is already, and will continue to be, one of success, creation and musical momentum” - Bosko Petrovic (late Croatian vibraphonist and club owner)

"Thana may not be known world-wide yet, but her performances fall in the same category as the world renowned vocalists of fantastic abilities that we all idolize” - Glas Istre (Croatia)

"Thana is a fresh voice on the international scene” - Dolenjski List (Slovenia)

"One of our most promising vocalists from Croatia” - Urbancult.hr (Croatia)

"Although young and new, she's proven herself as a seasoned musician with worldly qualities” - Glas Istre (Croatia)

"Thana Alexa makes emotion turn into jazz" - Glas Istre (Croatia)

"Aside from a great voice, Pavelic has proven herself as a composer, arranger and successful participant in jazz festivals and workshops” - Glas Istre (Croatia)

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