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My Music Masterclass

Founded in 2012, My Music Masterclass, Inc. is a Los Angeles based company created by professional musician Adam Small. It was conceived due to the lack of “real world” music education currently available on the internet.

While there are many educational resources available for musicians online, key ingredients seem to be something missing from each of them. Some lack diversity in styles, some lack diversity in instrumentation, some lack real world usefulness and others just lack talent. Our goal is to teach motivated individuals what it takes to be a PROFESSIONAL in the music industry; more specifically, we aim to help individuals become WORKING professionals. We film and produce our own Premium Masterclass Videos with top music industry artists. These artists have carved out successful careers for themselves and they can help you get to the next level. .

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My Music Masterclass - Jazz Vocal Phrasing Video

In this jazz vocal phrasing lesson, I will show you how to make a song and/or standard your own. I discuss and demonstrate different phrasing concepts which will allow you to freely sing across the bar line, add tension and release, purvey specific moods/feeling and more. If you want to improve your phrasing when singing jazz, this voice masterclass is for you.

Topics Covered: Vocals, Jazz, Phrasing, Singing Standards, Articulation, Note Lengths, Anticipating the Beat, Delayed Resolutions, Dynamics, Mood, Making a Song Your Own, etc.

Jazz Vocal Phrasing

My Music Masterclass - Vocal Improvisation

In this vocal improvisation lesson, I will show you how to develop a compelling and cohesive solo with your voice. I discuss and demonstrate scat syllables, phrasing, rhythm, building a solo and more. If you want to learn how to improvise vocally in a jazz setting, this masterclass is for you.

Vocal Improvisation

NY Jazz Academy

Over the years, New York Jazz Academy® has evolved into one of the most diverse musical communities in the world, comprising over 1,000 musicians of all kinds, from over 35 states, and over 70 countries. A music school based in NYC, NYJA welcomes artists of all ages and skill levels to join in the pursuit of excellence in jazz. With locations thriving in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, NYJA has built an extensive network of some of the best jazz musicians and educators in America’s most talent-packed city. NYJA’s diverse student body includes seasoned performing artists, adult hobbyists, supremely talented teens, and beginners of all ages. Students can train on virtually any instrument, including piano, guitar, drums, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, voice, and more.

* NOT IN NYC? * For students in and outside of New York City, New York Jazz Academy® offers private music lessons, jazz courses online, vocal jazz workshops, youth jazz programs, adult jazz programs, jazz band rehearsals, including small ensembles and big bands, improv workshops, an in-house NYC guitar school, jazz piano lessons, jazz saxophone lessons, and much more, offering something for virtually everyone. The NYJA Summer Jazz Intensives are the most highly attended summer music camp in NYC. In addition to summer programs and year-round programs, NYJA also offers spring jazz intensives and winter jazz intensives, which are seasonal jazz workshops.

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